Studios with Dolby Premier Certificate

Our services

Services we offer at Best Digital:

Audio Post-Production

Recording of

  • Dialogue
  • Effects
  • Music
  • Audio-visuals


  • Television
  • Film
  • Ads
  • Videogames
  • Telephony
  • Blogs

Film mixing

  • Dolby ATMOS
  • Dolby SRD
  • DTS
  • SDDS



Subtitling and graphic design

DVD mastering


Broadcast copies

35 mm. and vídeo projections


  • Both working centers provide a total of 8 dubbing rooms, 2 Foley, 5 mixing rooms, and a transfer room with the most used video exchange formats, subtitling, making of broadcast copies and several other processes, allowing for a wide volume of production. There’s optical fiber broadband in both facilities and Dell servers with Gigabit Ethernet in every room.
  • The engineering at our facilities makes every working room connected, multiplying their operating capabilities, while being also connected through the digital network with a backup system that prevents any loss of information, and with the possibility to send and receive material via streaming, thus granting security and boosting production times. This allows us to work in all current audio/video formats either for Cinema or for TV, video, DVD, music, video-games, telephony, websites, blogs and restorations. We have systems for content exchange such as Aspera Faspex, Digidelivery, SmartJog or FTP.
  • The working system is pretty flexible, allowing for the client to, depending on each project, either choose among a wide database of freelance technicians, or leaving it up to the company’s own sound technicians. Also, the client will be able to put forward any other technician who is not included in our databases. In this case the company will always guarantee technical coverage and the correct working order of our facilities.
  • The relationship with our clients will be made by a team with renowned experience in their field that will try to fit each project to the company’s operational system.
  • Before delivery, each product is supervised by the QC Department. A thorough technical, artistic and dialog-control examination is made by an eclectic working team that has never been a part of the production processes of the product, which accounts for a more objective evaluation of the resulting work.